Visual Argument



This is my visual argument that came about from a conversation with some friends. Completely random conversation that went from cars to whether or not the lunar moon landing was real or not.

I drew this in pencil and pen simply because I felt that it was easier to achieve what I had in mind rather than searching for images and trying to photoshop them together. I chose to use John F. Kennedy and an astronaut to draw. Due to the idea that the lunar landing was setup on a movie set I placed puppet strings on the astronaut to represent the control the president may or may not of had over the lunar landing.

A few points were made during my conversation with friends regarding whether this event was real or not. Some argue that it was setup so that the U.S. could claim they were the first to land on the moon. Others argued that it must be real because we are still able to travel into space and not only the U.S., but other countries like Russia as well have traveled into space. So for some clarity I did a little research and found some videos on this topic.

One I video i viewed is a documentary made by Fox Tv called “Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?” In this video they argue that it is a hoax. Some points they made were about the landing of the LEM. They argue that there was no blast creator under the lander after it landed. They also argue why in the landing video taken from inside the lander there was no engine noise from the rocket. There are a lot of information leading to what could be a hoax.

Some can argue its real simply by the discoveries that the moon landing has provided us. If the landing is a fake then is this information fake also? Very troubling situation and a tough one to prove. Yet the information presented in the video documentary could make anyone ask the question “is it real? or is this just a conspiracy theory?”

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